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The Online Trading Card Game You Really Own

Travel across the alternative America of the Wild West era, where danger awaits around every corner: zombies, fanatics and outlaws of all kinds. Build a unique deck and compete with other players! Unlike other digital TCGs, our cards are NFTs and issued in strictly limited quantities, so they have a real collector's value.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the new Wild West. Just like Rogue West: Crypto TCG!


NFT Card Game

What is Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

A NFT (non-fungible token) is a special cryptographically-generated token that uses blockchain technology to link with a unique digital asset that cannot be replicated.

Non-fungible tokens differ from popular cryptocurrencies such as Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), which are fungible; for example, you can exchange one Bitcoin for any other Bitcoin.

Although the usage of NFTs has spread in various industries, they're synonymously associated with the gaming and digital collectibles sectors and are most commonly found as a specific Ethereum token built on the ERC-721 standard.


True Ownership with NFT Tech

In modern digital card games, all data is stored on the developer's side. This means that when you buy a booster pack or a single card, you don't really get anything but a record on the server. No server - no cards. One click of the dev's finger and all your investments are gone...

Do you remember how TCGs started? People bought physical products that belonged to them. Players could freely dispose of their cards: buy on the secondary market, sell to other people, and simply exchange for other cards or other things.

This is true ownership. For a long time, such freedom in digital TCG was only a dream. But now, with the power of blockchain, we can fully transfer the experience that was in physical card games.


Game Features

Wild West You've Never Seen
Late 19th century. Alternative America during the zombie apocalypse. Virology has not yet been invented. For the simple folk, the zombie phenomenon is nothing but demonic possession!

Simple Rules, Deep Gameplay
Players take turns playing their cards, gaining victory points. Sounds deceptively simple, but the more cards you have, the more ways you can outsmart your opponent with unusual tactics.

Not Your Average Card Game
Unique turn-based combats that you have not seen in any other game. If you are tired of all these endless Hearthstone clones, then Rogue West: Crypto TCG is definitely for you.

Gothic Western
What happens if you mix classic western, Mike Mignola and Guy Davis comicbooks, zombie apocalypse and gothic? Right! One of the most stylish card games.

True Value
We say «NO» to unlimited emission! Each card has a maximum of 100 copies and will increase in price in the long run. Even if you aren't going to play, buying cards is still a profitable investment.

Your Cards, Your Way
Your card collection is tied to your crypto wallet, which means it belongs to you and only you. Buy, sell or exchange cards on OpenSea or another marketplace on Ethereum blockchain.

Card Anatomy


Unique name of the card.

Type or Types
This tells you the card's type. There can be more than one type.

A number from 0 to 10. A card with more power usually beats a card with less power.

Flavor Text
Lore note that tells you something about the game world.

List of card abilities. Most cards have one or two abilities.

Collection Info
Set number, language, rarity, artist, year of release and copyright.

Cards Quantity (Emission)

The first editions of Rogue West will be limited to 100 copies for a total of 100 cards. These editions will be very rare in the future. At the current stage, the cards emission is strictly limited. All cards are published exclusively on the OpenSea platform.

But it is not possible for a multiplayer card game where everyone has their own cards to have so few cards in circulation. Moreover, the current price for a deck is not accessible to most people. So there will be other card sets that are very much more common and cheaper. The current cards will become real collector's items and will be able to give advantages in the game (only cosmetics, not gameplay).

Rarity Levels

Rogue West cards have 4 levels of rarity:

  • Common: bronze frame and yellow paper (100 copies max)
  • Uncommon: silver frame and white paper (50 copies max)
  • Rare: gold frame and black paper (25 copies max)
  • Legendary: dark gold frame on black and white paper (13 copies max)

Here is the difference in the illustrations of the common, uncommon, rare and legendary cards.


Rogue Coin

Why a Token for Rogue West?

The Rogue Coin will be very important for the game. It will allow us to use all the possibilities offered by the blockchain and the ERC20 universe.

Contract address: 0x835dF131C80cf4b27cEfdE256498E363cF8a4C27

Use cases:

  • Participatory funding source for Rogue West
  • Game currency for all purchases
  • Using the DeFi universe
  • Source of promotion with airdrops
  • Earning tokens by playing (Play-to-Earn model)
  • Create pay-to-play duels where the winner takes the pot
  • Create tournaments with a pot to share for the first places
  • More exposure for the game

Token Metrics (original)

Seed Price: $0,05

IDO Price: $0,085

Listing Price: $0,1

Allocation Type

Token Amount


Lock / Vesting




10% Unlock for TGE
90% Vesting 6 Months




50% Unlock for TGE
50% Vesting 2 Months




0% Unlock for TGE
100% Vesting 12 Months

Community & Marketing



100% Vesting 6 Months

Play to Earn



100% Lock 4 Months




65% Vesting 3 Months

Dex Liquidity



100% Lock 6 Months




100% Lock 4 Months

Total Supply



Token sale
These tokens will be reserved for Private Sale.

Team and Advisors
These tokens are allocated to the team. They will be locked with a distribution of 2.5% per week and an initial distribution of 2%.

Community and Marketing
These tokens will be used for various ecosystem-building.

Play to Earn
These tokens will be used to incentivize those players who are active in game. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction.

These tokens will be a prevention reserve.

Dex Liquidity
These tokens will be used to add liquidity. They will be locked for 6 months.

Promotional and reward airdrop campaign.

Token Rebranding and Migration

In the spring of 2022, we decided to rebrand the token and move it to another network - Polygon (new contract). You can read about the reasons and advantages of this decision, as well as all the other details in our press release.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Our goal is to increase the utility of the token by increasing supply and by removing the Ethereum fees.
  2. The Rogue Token on Ethereum mainnet replaced by Rogue Coin on Polygon.
  3. Supply increased from 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 (10 millions -> 100 millions).
  4. Existing holders airdropped an equivalent value of Rogue Coin. For every 1 Rogue token they received 10 Rogue Coin on Polygon.
- Rogue West team

Stay Tuned

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